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Toronto Transit Commission (Toronto, Ontario)

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1977,1979-1981 GMDD T6H-5307N (ex 8160-8204, 8270-8314, 8320-8369, 8520-8569)

2064 passes by along Eglinton Avenue East enroute to Eglinton Stn, 2064 was running along route

54 Lawrence East at the time of the photo.

One of the remaining 2000 series fishbowls left, 2072 crosses the intersection of Lawrence and Morningside

enroute to Eglinton Stn while operating on the rte 54A Lawrence Branch. One of the if not the longest surface routes

in the system.

1979-83 GMDD T6H-5307N (ex- STCUM "Montrealers")

2606 a rare visitor to Finch Stn is seen here on standby, it was possibly assigned at the time to either rte 36 or 60, which

are the only Arrow Rd routes to operate out of Finch Stn.

2617 leaves York University enroute for Jane Station on the Bloor-Danforth subway line.
1981-1982 GMDD T6H-5307N (ex-8570-8729 GM T6H-5307N )
2750 at Sheppard Avenue East and McCowan.
2770 was on layover at Don Mills Stn at the time of this photo.
2794 stopped at a red light at the intersection Markham Road and McLevin Avenue.
2803 enroute to Eglinton Stn, 2803 was operating on rte 34 Eglinton East at the time.
2835 at Eglinton Avenue East and Yonge Street.
1982-83 GMDD T6H-5307N (ex-8740-8985)

2243 on Queens Quay on the 509/510 shuttle bus service during track reconstruction.

When this photo was taken shuttle bus service was operating along the 510 streetcar line, 2251 is seen here

crossing the intersection of Spadina and College.

2302 at McCowan Road and Sandhurst Circle in Scarborough.
2304 on the 39E Finch East Express route heading westbound along Finch at Victoria Park.

2309 on layover at Eglinton Station, the platform 2309 is servicing is a temporary platform while the original

platform is demolished and rebuilt.

2335 at Ellesmere Road and Pharmacy Avenue.
Ex-8895 is posed at Wilson Stn while on layover at the terminus of the 29 Dufferin Route.

The last bus of the series is seen here at the temporary bus terminal at Eglinton Stn, 2485

was in service on rte 61 Avenue Rd North at the time.

8899 on layover at St Clair West Station which is an underground station.
1985-86 Flyer Industries D901

6065 prepares to make a left onto Rd Bingham Ave from Kingston Rd, 6065 was operating on the rte 13 Neville


6090 at Don Mills Stn ready to do a run on rte 224.

After ad wraps are taken off somethings go missing and are eventually replaced,

take for example 6140's rear numbers which were placed on the engine hood rather

than the rear window.

6167 heads south on Keele St on a frigid and beautiful fall day, this photo was taken on Keele St south of Ingram Dr.

6169 on layover at Finch Stn during the afternoon rush, 6169 was allocated to rte 53B Steeles East at the time of this


Yonge/Bloor is a lively transfer point both during the day/night, this is a view of 6195 unloading and picking up

passengers while running on the rte 300 Bloor-Danforth Bluenight service.

1987 General Motors Canada/Motor Coach Industries TC40102N "Classic"
6225 at Kennedy Stn waiting to start a westbound run to Yonge St.
6226 at Lawrence Avenue East and Markham Road.
6231 running on the 24 Victoria Park as a short turn, photo taken at Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue.
6247 weaving aroumd parked cars on St.Clair Avenue West, photo taken at Dufferin Street.

Birchmount division was one of the divisions providing 501 shuttle service in the beaches area while streetcar track

reconstruction takes place, 6269 of Birchmount division was photographed while on layover at Neville Park loop.

6280 operating in downtown Toronto on Elm St operating on the rte 506 Carlton

shuttlebus service.

1988 New Flyer Industries D40-88

6432 waits to make a left at the intersection of Dundas and Bloor, at the time of the photograph 6432 was operating

on rte 168 Symington.

1989 New Flyer Industries D40-89
6448 waiting for the green at Highway 27 and Queen's Plate Drive.

6499 on layover on Front St, shuttle bus services are being provided along the 509 line due to track reconstruction in the

Bay Street tunnels.

6519 parked at Downsview Station.

6521 was chartered along with some its bretheren from Queensway garage during the first and last

weekend of the Toronto International Autoshow, photo was taken on Front St.

1990 New Flyer Industries D40-90
6581 is about to start a long trip back to the western terminus of rte 54 Lawrence East.
1991 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
6647 posed for a photo at Don Mills Stn.
6669 stopping by Don Mills Stn while on a southbound trip to Pape Stn.

6694 sports a new advertisement wrap for State Farm Insurance, photo taken from the Scarborough RT platform

@ Kennedy Stn.

View of the rear of the State Farm Insurance wrap bus 6694.

6718 is on layover on Wineva Ave just north of Queen St, as you maybe able to see

this picture was taken on a fall day with the leaves on the trees being orange/yellow.

Prior to this photo being taken this bus completed a eastbound inservice training run

along route 131 Nugget, Malvern division which 131 is based out of has not seen at 91 Orion V

since the mid-late 90's. This photo of 6727 was taken at Neilson/Tapscott.

1991 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 CNG

9380 on layover after completing a westbound trip on rte 58 Malton, photo taken at Pearson

International Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals level.

9390 was the first of this batch of CNG buses to be retired, the rest of the fleet should be retired sometime in

2005, this would be to structural failures that make them unsafe to operate. 9390 sits in the former Wilson North

bus terminal along with other retired buses.

9392 prepares to exit Finch Stn and run along to its western terminus along rte 125 Drewry.

1996 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
7002 turning left from Washburn Way to Tapscott Road.

An unrebuilt 7005 poses for a photo along Finch Ave east of Markham Rd along the 39D

Finch East route.

7041 at Neilson and Tapscott Roads outside the Malvern Town Centre which is seen in the foreground.

This photo was taken on a snowy evening prior to the relocation of this bus to a new division, 7071

was then running under the Eglinton garage and was photographed at Kennedy Station.

7076 on layover at Finch Station.
7090 at the end point of the 53F route, this photo was taken at Staines Road and Quietbrook Crescent.

7129 leads a convoy of five (fifth bus is out of sight) buses eastbound on Finch Avenue, this photo was taken at the

intersection of Don Mills and Finch Avenues.

7131 enters Finch Stn off of Bishop Ave, the detour on route was necessary to allow police to investigate

a crime scene along Finch Avenue.

1996 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 CNG
9418 prior to rebuild crossing the Lawrence Avenue East and Dufferin Street intersection.
9419 photographed northbound on Dufferin St, adjacent to the Dufferin Mall.
Dufferin Loop on a rainy Sunday afternoon, 9420 was posed for the photo.

Now all the 1996 CNG buses are equipped with bike racks as seen with 9434 in the photograph, the photo

was taken at MacDonnel and Queen at the southern terminus of the 47 Lansdowne route.

1997-98 Orion Bus Industries 06.501 CNG

(i)A bit of a rare visitor to the downtown core, 9237 crosses the intersection of Yonge/Richmond enroute to

North York where route 142 terminates. (ii) The second photograph of 9237 was taken at the intersection of

Lansdowne and Dundas, also note that this time around 9237 is equipped with a bike rack.

9242 leaves York University enroute to Finch Stn on the rte 60 Steeles West.

9246 is on layover in a much closer location to the Yorkdale Bus Terminal as construction

deemed it necessary to moved the stop, the bus was operating along rte 47B Landowne.

1998 Novabus RTS (T80206)

7200 and 7250 pose for this picture at Finch Station, 7200 has just pulled into the station and offloaded its

passengers and 7250 was on layover.

RTS's are now a more common fixture on route 60 in the rush hours, 7241 exits Finch Stn onto Bishop Ave

enroute to Islington Loop.

7248 sports a Air Canada Private Shuttle destination sign, the bus was on layover at

Downsview Stn at the time.



1998-99 New Flyer Industries D40LF
7309 passes along Dundas St West enroute to its western terminus of Runnymede.

A more recent look at where the D40LF's have been located after the arrival of the second batch

of Orion VII buses, a front and rear photo of 7315 was taken at Kipling Stn out in the west side

of Toronto. D40LF's were common in the west on the rte 192 and 300, but now they can be found

on other routes in the west.

Snow was accumulating on 7325 as it ran during a winter storm, 7325 is on layover

at Davisville Station.

v7339 photographed early on a Sunday morning at the intersection of Wellesley and Yonge

while operating on the rte 320 Yonge Bluenight service.

7341 picks up passengers at Sunnybrook and Women's Hospital in snowstorm conditions.

Paused at the traffic lights at Yonge/Gerard, 7347 is headed westbound to University to complete

the westbound portion of the route.

1997-98 Overland Custom Coach ELF-122HD

9752 parked in front of Union Stn while dropping off a passenger.
2003-05 Orion Bus Industries 07.501

7419 posed at the old Eglinton Bay terminal prior to beginning a southbound run on rte 100

Flemingdon Park.

7442 operates along the Spadina right of way, shuttle bus service was required at the time due to maintenance.

A photo of 7449 on layover at Scarborough Town Centre, operating on rte 190


Photographed on Eglinton Avenue East.

This shot was taken on a early Sunday evening, 7463 was running on rte 113 Danforth. Photo taken at Kennedy

Subway Stn.

7471 crossing Bloor St and headed southbound on Yonge, 7471 was operating on rte 320.

Eastbound on Bloor St 7476 is about to cross Balmuto St while running on the

rte 300 Bloor-Danforth Bluenight.

7479 was photographed running northbound on Bay St, this bus was headed

northbound to York Mills Stn.

Parked at Arrow Rd Garage 7490 was brought down to the garage during the bus roadeo.
7499 is of the batch of buses that were built in 2003, delivery for the rest is to commence shortly.

7500 runs up University Avenue along rte 5 Avenue Rd, this photo was taken

outside the Toronto General Hospital's Peter Monk Cardiac Centre.

TTC is now taking delivery of the second batch of buses in it's recent order of Orion VII's,

7503 and 7504 are seen parked outside and awaiting licensing and farebox installation.

7535 at Eglinton Avenue West and Yonge Street.

Once dominated by Nova RTS buses along rte 36, the new Orion VII buses are taking their place.

This photo captures 7561 crossing Yonge St.

York University has become an interesting place to spot different types of buses of make and model, the

arrival of the Orion VII's has added even more variety to the types of vehicles that pass through the

York University Keele Campus, at the time this photo was taken 7584 was operating on the 106 York

University route.

7618 layover at Jane Stn prior to starting a trip northbound along rte 35C Jane.

7666 crosses Yonge St on Bishop Ave, rte 36 and 39 were diverted on the day of this photo due to a

crime scene investigation.

7700 awaiting servicing at the Eglinton garage.
7819 was a brand new delivery from Orion Bus Industries at the time of this photo.
2006 Orion Bus Industries 07.501 Hybrid Electric Vehicle
1002 broken down and waiting for a tow at Sheppard-Yonge Station.
1040 pulling into York University.
1075 on 512 St.Clair shuttlebus service, photo taken at Dufferin Road and St.Clair Avenue West.
1116 at the intersection of Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue.
2005-06 Orion Bus Industries 07.501
7910 west on Queen Street West to Ossington Avenue.
7930 heading south towards Exhibition Place, this picture was taken at Lawrence Avenue West and Dufferin Street.
2007 Daimler Chrysler Commercial Buses North America/Orion Bus Industries 07.501
8040 on St.Clair Avenue West at Dufferin Road.
1977 UTDC/Hawker Siddeley Canadian Light Rail Vehicle

4021 makes a stop at Victoria St to pick up passengers, this streetcar was headed westbound to Dundas West subway station

at the time this photo was taken.

(i) 4029 enroute to go into service on the 509 streetcar line, photographed at King and Spadina.

(ii) 4029 again but this time the photo was taken on Church and Gerrard Streets passing by Ryerson University's

Kerr Hall East building.

4041 the pilot prototype air conditioned streetcar poses with 4094 and 4048 on Charlotte St, it is expected that more

streetcars will be retrofitted with rooftop air conditioning units like the one on 4041.

For one year 506 streetcars were a common sight along Dundas St as track construction took place

along the 506 line. 4052 was photographed at the intersection of Dundas and Victoria.

4054 in the eastern Chinatown of downtownToronto (Gerrard & Broadview) is heading west

to High Park loop via Dundas to pass through the western Chinatown of downtown.

This photo was taken at Spadina & Dundas in the western Chinatown of downtown Toronto, 506 doesn't

usually run through this location. Construction along the 506 route has caused 506 streetcars to detour

via Dundas.

4068 waits for a green transit priority signal at College and Spadina.
4070 approached Queen St along the 510 Spadina line, en route to Union Stn.
CLRV 4082 proceeds along the Queens Quay right of way, this photo was taken at York St.
CLRV 4083 north on Bay St, 4083 was short turned due to a delay along the 505 Dundas line.
A view eastward along Dundas St from Lansdowne Ave, 4089 in the background is short turning.

4117 held back streetcar service along the 505/506 when this photo was taken, 4117 was involved

in an accident with a beer store delivery truck.

4119 is on layover on Charlotte St at the end of the "King" branch of the 510 Spadina line.
4125 at the intersection of College and Yonge St in front of College Park.
A short time exposure shot of 4135 at the intersection of King and John St.
4173 glides along Queens Quay on its way towards the exhibition grounds.

Picking up passengers during rush hours, 504 King car are usually full with commuter leaving

the downtown core. 4176 photographed at the intersection of King/Bay.

1987-89 UTDC/Can Car Articulated Light Rail Vehicle
4201 en route to Humber Loop making a stop at Spadina and Queen.
4211 speeds by along the Queensway at Coe Hill Dr en route to Humber Loop.

4215 on layover at the eastern terminus of the 501 Queen streetcar line which would

be Neville Park look.

4221 picks up passengers at Spadina and Queen.

ALRV's along Kingston Rd became a common fixture when a portion of the eastern end of the Queen St line was

closed off for track reconstruction, the result was the 501 streetcars running up Kingston Rd to Bingham Loop, this

photo of 4223 was taken at Kingston Rd and Bingham Avenue.

4232 westbound at Queen and Augusta.

4238 turns north onto Broadview Ave due to Queen St being closed due to filming, a block from where this

photo was taken filming was taking place for the film "Cinderella Man".

This photo was taken early in the morning at the Long Branch loop, 4240 was on layover after completing a trip on the 501 and

was to return eastbound as a 301 Queen night car.

4245 speeds through the intersection of Queen and Gladstone after passing through the underpass, 4245 was

signed up 501 Victoria Park due to track reconstruction along the eastern portion of the line.

4249 on layover at Bingham Loop, rte 501 Queen service has temporarily been routed up Kingston Rd due

to track construction on the eastern portion of the 501 line.




1976 Hawker Siddeley H4 Subway Car

5650 finished a eastbound run to Kennedy Station and waits to head back west, this photo was taken

during the cold snap in which more older subway cars were out on the line during non peak periods.

1976-79 Hawker Siddeley H5 Subway Car

5752 is marshalled into the Davisville Yard after completing its trips along the Yonge University Spadina line

in the morning rush hour.

Ex-5754 now renumbered to 5755 is seen here awaiting a signal to enter the Davisville yard, the original 5755 was

damaged in an accident un June 1984, it's married partner survived the accident and was kept by the TTC.

1983-84,86 UTDC/Metro ICTS S1 (3000-3027)
Scarborough RT 3015 leads the trainset northbound as it enters Lawrence East RT Stn.

This Scarborough RT trainset (3011,3010,3023,3022) had a malfunction and had to be parked in the loop

at Kennedy Stn, this loop was formerly used as a loop for the Scarborough RT.

A closer view of the pair (3023 and 3022).

Miscellaneous Photos

7623 passes by 7134 as it rounds the corner to pick up some passengers, 7623 is part of the new

batch of Orion VII's. This batch lacks the black rub strip at the bottom of the bus.

A look at the difference between a 1991 Orion V CNG and a 1996 Orion V CNG, both buses were

operating on rte 29 Dufferin and were photographed at Wilson Stn on the upper bus bay.

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