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TTC Hyrbid Bus Launch Ceremony

April 20, 2006 held at Toronto City Hall


The Event

On Thursday April 20, 2006 the Toronto Transit Commission held a launch ceremony for the commencement of the delivery it's

initial 150 hybrid diesel-electric bus order. Some delegates that were present at the ceremonies and delievered speeches were the Honorable

President of the Treasury Board John Baird, Honorable Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar, the Honorable Environmental Minister Laurel

Broten, his greatness Mayor David Miller and TTC chair Howard Moscoe. During the speeches information that I have gathered was that

this current order of 150 hybrid electric buses from Orion Bus Industries would be the largest of its type currently in Canada and that it would

make the TTC hybrid fleet the largest within a public transportation system in Canada. The hybrid electric propulsion system the TTC has

opted for is the BAE hybridrive system which they tested in early 2000 on numerous occassions. this is also the same system that is

currently being used in the hybrid electric fleet that is currently operating with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City Transit, in

which comprises of 282 buses. Some features of this propulsion system that are beneficial over conventional transit buses are listed

as follows:

- 37% less greenhouse emissions

- 40 tons less CO2 per bus each year

- 30-50% less nitrous oxide emissions

-- 30-50% less soot particulates

- 20-30% less fuel consumption

(Source - BAE,Toronto Transit Commission)

It was mentioned at the ceremony that it is expected that the Toronto Transit Commission is to receive all 150 buses by November

of this year.



(1) TTC 1000 all ready for the news conference to be held.

(2) A look at the rear of TTC 1000 after the news conference wrapped up.

(3) Interior view facing the rear.

(4) Interior view facing the front.

(5) A look at the engine compartment.

(6) This is the sticker that will be applied to all the hybrid buses that operate with the TTC.

(7) President of the Treasury Board, the Honorable John Baird.

(8) The Environmental Minister for the Province of Ontario: the Honorable Laurel Broten

(9) The Transportation Minister for the Province of Ontario, the Honorable Harinder Takhar.

(10) Mayor of the City of Toronto: David Miller

(11) TTC Chair : Howard Moscoe with his grandson


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April 26, 2006 10:32 PM

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