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March 30, 2004 50th Anniversary of the Yonge Subway line

Today marked the fiftieth anniversary of Canada's first subway line (the Yonge subway) which celebrated in style with a commerative ride down the Yonge line from Eglinton to Union on two commerative trains, one train was for the public while the other train was for the commission employees, media and VIP's. With the arrival of the last of the two trains at Union passengers would disembark and head up to Union Station's Grand Hall for the festivities. Among attendance were the Honourable Mayor of Toronto David Miller, the Honourable Premier of Ontario Dalton McGunity, TTC Chairman Howard Moscoe, Human Resources Minister Joseph Volpe, Vice-President Doug Greaves from Canada Post and the President (who unvelied the new stamp which feautres an image of Toronto's subway cars) and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association Micheal Roschlau.

Upon arrival at Union it was an amazing sight to see all those who were in attendance, some of course included were the original first riders of the Yonge line opening. Many shared their stories and recollected memories of the day. Truly nostalgia was in the air as the past was well celebrated. It was just unfortunate that the original Gloucester cars were not available for use during this event. Simply put into words, one amazing day celebrating the past and looking forward to an eventful future.

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7041 is awaiting employees to shuttle as the ceremonies wrap up.
tail of the platform/VIP car 5322

There were a number of duplicated advertisements within the train, one of them which included this informative

display providing brief information on the Bloor-Danforth streetcar.

This overhead display card invites the public to the CNE to see the progress on the construction

of their new subway line.

Another informative overhead card which contains information about the Gloucester cars which were a

common sight on the Yonge line in the earlier days.

Soap seemed to be a popular item as there were two kinds of soap advertisements on board

this one shows Soap Flakes for Maple Leaf.

This is the other advertisement that was found on board this car, this advertises Snap soap

which is for washing dishes, pots and pans.

Crowding was a problem in downtown present and in the past, this advertisement or information

card depicts street space taken up by car versus a streetcar.

Union Station Grand Hall Ceremonies & Displays

If anyone recalls the Sheppard Subway opening this band was also in attendance, following the ceremonies

the band left the grand hall and made their way onto Front St where they entertained those who were

leaving/entering Union Station.

A good number of people turned out for the ceremonies, this picture depicts just some of those in

attendance who were attentively listening in on the speeches.

A view of the podium where the speeches were given and musical pieces were performed by a elementary

school choir.

One of the displays that were present at the ceremonies was a light up map, the map had buttons

which would at the press of a button light up to indicate portions of the subway network.

As you could see each button represented opening dates of subway lines and line extension system wide.

This is the portion that was being celebrated.

July 6, 2005 10:08 PM

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