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York Region Transit

Serving the Municipalities of Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill,

and Vaughan, Ontario

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1985 Orion 01.508

Once allocated out of the Markham division, 2023 was sent up to the Newmarket division along with a few others. Prior

to being sent up these buses received the new livery.

Ex-Markham Transit 2024 is seen operating out of Markville Mall on rte 41 Markham Local.
1985 Orion 01.508 (Ex-GO Transit)
YRT 8505 departs the York Region Terminal en route to Dufferin St the western terminus of the 5 Clark route.
1986 Orion 01.501
516 waits to start its next run on rte 23 Thornhill Woods in the bus layover area at the York Region Terminal.
1987 Orion 01.501 (Ex-Pembroke Transit)

This former charter coach (after being bought from Pembroke Transit, was converted to single door by its previous

owner) is now owned by YRT, and can be seen providing service along low ridership routes, this photo was taken on Bur

Oak Ave in Cornell.

1987 Orion 01.508

YRT is another one of the GTA's transit systems who leases out buses for

shootings, 519 was wrapped up in a non existent transit system (Ride 410

Bethesda Rockville Transit).

Once a common route for these buses, 520 is on layover at the rte 77 bay at the York Region Terminal.

Route 77 now has mostly D40LFs running on the route.

1987 Orion 01.508 (ex-GO Transit)
8720 on layover at Don Mills Station in Toronto prior to starting a run on rte 90 Leslie.
1987 Orion 01.508 (ex-IndyGO)
8722 an ex-Indianappolis unit was photographed at York University a few months before it caught fire.


1989 New Flyer Industries D40
YRT 8914 inside TTC's Don Mills Stn bus terminal running on rte 90 Leslie.

8915 still sporting its Richmond Hill Transit colours, departs the Richmond Hill Centre terminal. These buses are

set to retire in the near future.

1989 Orion 05.501
528 looking real sharp after refurb departs the York Region Terminal operating on the 5 Clark route.
1990 Orion 01.502

YRT lately has taken quite a bit of interest in second hand buses, 9003 is another ex-Pembroke Transit bus that YRT

has recently acquired. YRT 9003 was photographed at the Richmond Hill Centre YRT/Viva transit terminal.

1991 New Flyer Industries D40 Suburban

Parked in the layover area at the York Region Terminal, 2071 waits until it is time to depart on an express trip

to Markham.

1998 Orion 06.501

YRT 2067 is waiting to make a left at Bullock and McCowan, the day this bus was photographed 2067 was assigned

to charter work to shuttle around seniors in the area.

1999 Orion 06.501

1045 leaves York University, this along with its sister unit were one of the first Orion VI's to be done up in the YRT livery.

Notice it's missing the royal blue decal underneath the roof.

2000 Orion 05.501 (ex-GO Transit)
003 sports a Royal LePage Realtors advertisement, photographed at the York Region Terminal.
006 picking up passengers, it was assigned to the 99 Short Turn (Major Mackenzie) branch.

010 on layover at the York Region Terminal, this location is the new platform for route 5 Clark, previously it was located

across this location.

2001 Thomas SLF 230

115 departs the York Region Terminal to start a northbound run on the new route 23 Thornhill Woods.

2002 Orion 05.501 (ex-GO Transit)
View of 224 which brokedown pulling out of the rte 99 bay at the York Region Terminal.
224 also carries a wrap advertisement for Royal LePage at the rear.
225 looking sharp with new YRT livery and a bright Luminator Horizon destintation sign.

230 on layover at the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal, 230 was operating on route 87 at the time the photo was taken. Note the

Silver Ridge Spa wrap advertisement on the engine cover and above the A/C compartment.

2002 Thomas SLF 235

A couple of views of YRT 204 which is on standby at the Promenade Mall in Vaughan.
222 rounding the corner as it heads to pick up passengers for a run on rte 5 Clark.
223 awaiting to enter service at the Newmarket bus terminal.
2003 New Flyer Indutries D40LF
329 on layover on a Saturday morning at the York Region Terminal.

D40LFs nowadays are becoming more common on rte 91 and 99, 333 was photographed

prior to starting a run on rte 99.

2003 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

When not used in express service, these buses make it out onto other local routes to provide service. A prime example

of this is illustrated here, 302 was operating on rte 41 Markham Local during midday service.

YRT 303 at the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal, resting prior to starting an eastbound run on the route 1 Highway 7.

Sister units 303 and 302 from Miller are standing by prior to a start on their

express trips to Markham.

2003 Overland ELF (YRT Mobility Plus)

Stumbled upon YRT Mobility Plus 385 parked at the Concord Wal Mart.

These are one of the newest vehicle's YRT is using in it's Mobility Transit fleet, they are

to replace the older equipment such as the Orion II's. These Overland ELF's appear to be nearly

identical to their sister units at TTC Wheel Trans.

2004 New Flyer Indutries D40LF
406 at the most eastern terminus of route 1: The Markham Stoufville Hospital.
YRT 409 at York University operating on rte 20 Jane-Concord, my apologies for the shaky image.
2005 ElDorado National EZ Rider II

541 departs the Newmarket Terminal on the 56 Gorham Eagle route, these batch of 30ft buses is YRT's first order of

new 30ft buses since 2001.

555 departing from the Newmarket bus terminal.

2005 New Flyer Indutries D40LF
575 makes a stop at the bus terminal at the Vaughan Mills Mall, 575 was on the 85 Rutherford/16th Avenue route at the time.
YRT 578 on layover at Markville Mall.
2006 New Flyer Indutries D40LF

615 proceding to the 99 Yonge South platform at the York Region Terminal at Finch Subway Station, note the destination sign

was malfunctining hence the two hand written signs in place.

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