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Whitby Transit (Whitby, Ontario)

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1987 Orion Bus Industries 01.507

8703 on layover during the midday at the Whitby GO Station, photo taken during second week of all day service

for Whitby Transit routes serving the GO Station directly..

2004 Novabus LFS

0424 runs on Grandview St in Oshawa as part of their jointly operated rte15/16 and rte 17/18 service which

operates a beltline around the northern portion of Oshawa and Whitby.


0425 is seen here at the old downtown terminal which was formerly used Whitby Transit as a transfer point, the

first photo was taken on Dunlop St and the second was taken on Green St.


An unknown 1987 Orion I, 8701 and 9013 layover at the downtown terminal on Colborne St in downtown



July 6, 2005 10:08 PM

2004 TransitHub