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Vivayork (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

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2005 Van Hool A330

Viva 5107 was posed at the YRT/Viva Richmond Hill terminal, at the time 5107 was operating on the Viva Blue


5116 passes Fairview Mall Dr on Don Mills Rd, this bus was on the Viva Green route at the time the photo was taken at the

bus just exited Don Mills Station.

5120 is reaching the end of its westbound trip along the Viva Orange route, this photo was taken on Woodstream Blvd.

5124 turns right onto Highway 7 to start its westbound trip to York University, photo was taken at Highway 7 and

McCowan Rd.

This photo was taken at Town Centre Boulevard, this is for now the eastern terminus of the Viva Purple route. Viva

Purple will operate further east in two stages, the first stage opens tommorow when the Purple line operates to

McCowan Rd.

5133 was photographed while on training duties, this photo was taken on Bernard Avenue in Richmond Hill.
5136 on layover at Unionville GO Stn, this is the current terminus of the Viva Green route.
5146 at Downsview Subway Station with a severe thunderstorm approching in the background.


2005 Van Hool AG300

(i) This first photo shows Viva 5209 on Yonge St approaching Finch Station/York Region bus terminal.

(ii) This photo shows 5209 on Bernard Avenue doing a training run.

Viva 5214 completes its northbound trip and heads for the garage, this photo was taken at the YRT Bernard terminal.

5218 rounds the turn at the York Region bus terminal, 5218 is on its way up to the Bernard Terminal in Richmond Hill.

The Bernard terminal is the prelimenary northern terminus up until mid-November when Viva Blue is extended to


2007 Van Hool AG300
7203 posed for a photo at the York Region Terminal prior to beginning a northbound trip on the blue line.

December 30, 2007 0:06 AM

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