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VIVA/YRT unveiling of the VIVA bus at the Regional Municipality of York headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario.

May 30, 2005


Summary of the event


On Monday May 30th 2005 a media event was held at the York Region headquarters to unveil a VIVA bus, one of many which will be

utilized along the VIVA rapid transit routes. At the event a Van Hool AG300 (#5203) was brought in for all to see, inspect and

photograph. The bus was well received by those in attendance, and those responsible for the overall design incorporated

into the Van Hool AG300 stood by proud of the work they put into designing the fabrics, paint scheme, etc. Among the

dignitaries inattendance were the Ontario Transportation Minister, the HonourableHarinder Takhar, the National Minister of

Revenue, the Honourable John McCallum and the York Regional Chair and CEO, Bill Fisch; all three delivered fantastic


Van Hool AG 300 specifications

Constructed in Belgium

VIN - YK2UE27B652062612

Overall length - 60.53ft

Width - 102"

Height - 133.85"

Weight - 26,200 k

Engine - Cummins ISM (mounted between the front and middle axles)

Transmission - Voith D864.3

Seating layout for 5203





1) Ontario Transportation Minister, the Honourable Harinder Takhar making a speech.

3) The bellows for the articulation joint with bum bars for standees.

4) A view of 5203's cab.

6) Interior view looking towards the front. of the bus.

7) Interior view looking towards the rear of the bus.

9) This is one of two tables at the rear of the AG300.





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