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Bombardier T1 Subway Car

1995-2001 TTC Bombardier T1 Subway Car (5000-5371)

In 1990 when TTC received a T1 prototype 5796, TTC was impressed with it's features and TTC decided to purchase 216 Bombardier T1 subway cars. The order meant the possibility to finally retire the M1 and the H1 fleet. The Bombardier T1 cars are wheelchair accessible. T1s look very different externally and internally then H5 and H6 cars. Other changes to these types of trains are reduced seating, new stanchion arrangements, wider doorways and bigger cab. In April 1995 TTC took delivery of it's first two T1 prototype cars (5000-5001). While on TTC property the two cars were tested and modified to TTC standards. After the testing the T1 prototype cars 5000-5001, they were sent back in Nov 1995 to the Thunder Bay plant for remaining work. Later in Nov 1995 the first T1 pre-production train was delivered to TTC property. The six pre-production cars were evaluated upon arrival. In August 1996 the T1 delivery commenced. As more of the T1s arrived, more H1s retired. Then M1s started to retire in the summer of 1999. The 216 T1 car delivery ended in September 1999. Earlier then expected. In early 1999 TTC decided to add 156 cars to this order.


- A "T" handle controller.

- 5ft wide doorways.

- Wheelchair positions in each car.

- T1s are AC propelled instead of DC



Model- Bombardier T1

Year- 1995-2001

Fleet #s- 5000-5371

Length- 75ft

Width-10ft 3 inches

Tare Weight- 72,680lbs

Motor- Four Adtranz w/Adtranz inverter

Carhouse allocated to- Davisville, Greenwood, and Wilson

March 23, 2004 0:00 AM

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