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UTDC/Metro S1 Intermediate Capacity Transit System Rapid Transit Cars

1983-84,86 TTC UTDC/Metro ICTS S1 (3000-3027)

As part of a program the Ontario government was interested in was the development of the Scarborough Rapid Transit line. Originally planned was a elevated guideway running streetcars on private right of ways in high performance mode which Toronto's CLRVs are capable of. The plan for that was cancelled and replaced with the use of ICTS (Intermediate Capacity Transit System) cars. These trains were run by a linear induction propulsion system. So the TTC ordered 24 ICTS cars from UTDC, in 1984 the TTC would receive it's first ICTS car on the property. A full scale model was produced and was kept in the Wychwood carhouse. Following the completion of a portion of the line, the TTC operated service between Kennedy Station and Lawrence East Station. On March 23, 1985 the Scarborough RT was officially opened to the public for revenue service. The ICTS cars are capable of running full ATO (Automatic Train Operation) via controls of a computer, they are equipped with a guard cab with controls to operate either on ATO or manual operation. In 1986 four more ICTS cars were acquired by the TTC to expand service. As a mini subway in Scarborough the Scarborough RT is an important part of Scarborough to transport people to/from the city centre of Scarborough to the Bloor and Danforth subway. Plans for expansion have been made but are awaiting further funding from the government. Another station has been planned also, Brimley Station was planned recently to accommodate the need of another station in this area due to recent development in condominiums in the adjacent area.



Model-UTDC/Metro S1

Year- 1983-84,86

Fleet #s- 3000-3027

Length- 41ft 8inches

Width-8ft 2 inches

Tare Weight- 34,050lbs

Motor- Two linear induction

Carhouse allocated to- McCowan

March 23, 2004 0:00 AM

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