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7400-7619 Orion Bus Industries 07.501


Orion Bus Industries 07.501 (7400-7619)

Around 2001 the TTC noticed the need to replace some of their existing fleet, mainly the D40-90s and the Orion 03.501 articulated buses which were in need of retirement from their short lived life spans. In a November 2001 a commission report suggested that should they want to order their future low-floor buses they should do so by the end of 2001 so sufficient time would be allowed to give the TTC the delivery of the new buses commencing in 2003. The TTC did put an order through tendering in which specific standards were specified, the TTC issued the proposal documents to thirteen companies, only four replied. Those being NovaBUS, Neoplan, New Flyer, and Orion Bus Industries, all four which expressed their interest during the proposal period. Neoplan and New Flyer were out of the bidding because their products materials were not fully made of stainless steel which the TTC has made standard for future orders, that and the assurance that their product will last a minimum of 18 years. This left NovaBUS and Orion, NovaBUS had the LFS which was the only bus they were making and their product was made of stainless steel, Orion had just launched it's new 07.501 (VII) model into the market and their product was acceptable as it was to be constructed out of stainless steel. NovaBUS had to pull out of the bids due to a backlog of orders for their LFS buses which were being produce for transit authorities mainly in Quebec, this left Orion and Orion won the contract for $113,372,978.40. The first Orion 07.501 that arrived on TTC property was the pilot bus 7400 which arrived in late December 2002 and was tested and evaluated from there on. Some noticeable modifications would be the removal of the stop request strips which were mounted on the walls. At the moment the TTC has started to receive their order which was due for September, they are being put into service more quickly than their Mississauga sisters were when they were delivered



Model- Orion Bus Industries 07.501

Year- 2002-2004

Fleet #s- 7400-7619

Length- 40ft

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 40,759 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR

Transmission- Allison B400R

Garages allocated to- Eglinton

March 23, 2004 0:03 AM

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