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7000-7134 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

Orion Bus Industries 05.501 (7000-7134)

In order to expand the TTC fleet and allow disabled persons to access the TTC, the Commission put out an order for 185 vehicles to be built for the TTC by Orion Bus Industries. Out of the 185 vehicles order were diesel lift equipped buses. In 1996 the TTC took delivery of the 135 clean diesel buses. Similar looking to the sister 1990-1992 units, the 1996 model had it's differences such as the reduction of seating capacity, bigger destination sign, different engine and a wheelchair lift. The first few months and years were rough on these buses. Their first problem to pop up was a steering arm failure and then little problems hear and there. It was common to see these buses broken down and towed to the garage. After a few years these buses lessened in the number of complaints and are running smoothly. Buses 7000-7087 have received the installation of UWE connectors which allow the buses to be stored outdoors rather than inside a garage. This was done in for the time that these buses would see service with the Eglinton garage in which they are now being transferred out of Eglinton with the arrivals of the newer Orion 07.501's. The older Orion 05.501's from Eglinton garage are making their way to Malvern garage where they will all be allocated to.



Model- Orion Bus Industries 05.501

Year- 1996

Fleet #s- 7000-7134

Length- 39ft 10inches

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 29,078 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel Series 50

Transmission- Allison B400R

Garages allocated to- Eglinton and Malvern

March 23, 2004 0:02 AM

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