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7200-7251 NovaBUS RTS T80206 WFD

NovaBUS RTS T80206

Following the demonstration of the demonstrator RTS #1000 from NovaBUS, the TTC decided to order 52 NovaBUS RTS which are constructed from stainless steel. This is the TTC's first order from the NovaBUS Corporation, a difference from other TTC buses in the fleet are that this model has the wheelchair ramp at the rear doors rather than at the front doors. This model was the first of the TTC buses to have installed in it the LED Luminator destination signs which can be seen more clearly from a distance. A few complaints have came out of these buses such as the lack of room the driver's seat has to move back and the configuration of the brake and gas pedal which are too close to the front panel of the bus which is hit by some drivers and causes delays in braking. Overall these buses are solid and have adequate air conditioning.



Model- NovaBUS RTS T80206

Year- 1998

Fleet #s- 7200-7251

Length- 40ft

Width-102.3 inches

Tare Weight- 38,480 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel Series 50

Transmission- Allison VR31

Garages allocated to- Arrow Rd

April 26, 2006 9:05 PM

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