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UTDC/Can Car H6 Subway Car
1988-89 TTC UTDC/Can Car H6 Subway Car


In 1982 the TTC gave out an order for 126 subway cars. 100 of these cars were the cars that would replace the remaining G class cars that had remained. The 26 cars were to be used as spares. The manufacturer was Hawker Siddeley but then Hawker Siddeley was joint ventured with UTDC (Urban Transportation Development Corporation). Eventually UTDC took over Hawker Siddeley. Well anyway the H6s cars were assembled in Thunder Bay (Just like the T1s). The H6 cars are somewhat similar to the H5s. But a little different externally wise. The H6s did have chopper control just like the H5s, also regenitive braking too. The air-conditioning on the H6 cars are way more powerful than the H5 cars and probably more powerful then the T1s. You can feel the difference on a hot summers day. The H6 cars are based out of the Greenwood Yards, and the H6 cars can mainly be seen on the B-D (Bloor-Danforth) line. I have just noticed that the seat inserts on some of the H6 cars have been replaced with a uncomfortable brown acrylic type covering. The covering is way more uncomfortable than any other type of seat TTC has. In addition the ride on a H6 is a little rough on deceleration and acceleration, but the rest of a ride on a H6 is good (Especially with the A/C on) .


- An single-handle controller.

- Chopper controls.

- Regenitive braking.

- Air Conditioning.


- Door chimes added in 1993/94

- Some H6 cars were given new brown acrylic seat inserts. (1999)



Model-UTDC/Can Car H5

Year- 1988-89

Fleet #s- 5810-5935

Length- 75ft

Width-10ft 3 inches

Tare Weight- n/a

Motor- Four Brush w/Chopper

Carhouse allocated to- Greenwood

March 22, 2004 11:55 PM

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