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Hawker Siddeley H5 Subway Car

1976-79 TTC Hawker Siddeley H5 Subway Car


In 1974/75 TTC made proposals to extend the Y-U-S (Yonge University Spadina) line and also Bloor-Danforth line. With the extension of the Yonge University line and the Bloor-Danforth line in the coming future TTC needed more subway cars. So TTC once again TTC turned to Hawker Siddeley. But this time the cars were all different. These cars were classified as H5s. These cars had a new design and new paint scheme on the front of the cars. The front of the H5s were originally painted black when delivered, but due to safety concerns TTC decided to paint the front of these cars silver like the other cars in the fleet so tunnel/work crew can see the cars as they approach. These cars had a number of new features in them, these features would be air-conditioning, new seats and new upholstery, new interior look, etc. These cars also had chopper controls and regenitive brakes installed in them. In 1990 car 5796 was sent to UTDC (Urban Transport Development Corporation AKA Bombardier Can Car) to be rebuilt as a prototype of Bombardier T1 car that UTDC was giving TTC as a full sized mock-up T1. Well anyway when UTDC rebuilt 5796 they gave the car a new style seating arrangement (Somewhat close to the T1s seating but no wheelchair positions), also new stanchion arrangements (also on T1s), and marks where the 5ft wide doorways would be in the new T1 cars and also given new UTDC trucks. TTC liked what they saw in the 5796 H5(T1) prototype so they set out an order for 215 T1 subway cars. Well getting back to H5s these cars are very interesting to ride on. The H5 fleet has gone through a mid-life rebuild. What happens during the mid-life rebuild is that the H5s receive new velour type seat fabric and receive new trucks. I do know that all the work for rebuilding these H5s takes place at the Greenwood Shops.


- An single-handle controller.

- New style seats.

- Chopper controls.

- Regenitive braking.

- Air Conditioning.


- Door chimes added in 1993/94

- 5796 rebuilt as a T1 prototype.




Model-Hawker Siddeley H5

Year- 1976-79

Fleet #s- 5670-5807

Length- 75ft

Width-10ft 4 inches

Tare Weight- n/a

Motor- Garrett Chopper

Carhouse allocated to- Wilson

April 26, 2006 9:06 PM

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