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Hawker Siddeley H4 Subway Car

1974-75 TTC Hawker Siddeley H4 Subway Car


With the retirement of the aging Gloucester car fleet and the proposal to extend the Y-U-S (Yonge University Spadina) line, the TTC decided to replace some of the G Class cars with H4s. Again the TTC looked to Hawker Siddeley to build subway cars for the TTC subway. The H4 class was a little more different from the H1s and H2s. The H4s have reduced seating, from 83 to 77. TTC decided this for easier movement in the subway cars. Although they have had some seat modifications the interior seat fabric still remains the same. Also the cab style is more similar to the H2s than the H1s. Today these cars also are still in service and can mainly be found on the B-D (Bloor Danforth) Line. In full day service at times. But the bad news is TTC was so pleased with the (Bombardier) T1s performance, TTC decided to buy more T1s. Some 60 of the H4 subway cars were rebuilt, and the other 28 put into storage, these cars may last a few more years before their time comes to retire.


- A single-handle controller.

- Reduced seating.

- 7 Stanchions added.


- Door chimes added in 1993/94



Model-Hawker Siddeley H4

Year- 1974-75

Fleet #s- 5576-5663

Length- 75ft

Width-10ft 4 inches

Tare Weight- 57,650 lbs

Motor- Four Brush

Carhouse allocated to- Greenwood

March 22, 2004 11:56 PM

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