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8010-8117 GMDD T6H-5307N

General Motors T6H-5307N "Fishbowl"

These buses bought in 1975 were the last of the buses to be equipped with GM VH-9 transmissions. The TTC ordered 108 of these buses starting from 8010 to 8117. They were based out of Arrow Rd, Birchmount, Danforth, Davenport, Eglinton, Lansdowne and Malvern throughout their lives. The majority of these buses made it up to 1996 when most of these fishbowls in this series were retired and scrapped. They were originally going to be scrapped in the early 1990s but there was a need for more buses and they were put into service. In the 1990s they were mostly confined to rush hour service usually on express runs or trippers. After 1996 a majority of 1975 buses were retired. Slowly more 1975 GMs retired. Buses such as 8034,8068,8086 and 8111 lasted a year or more after their sisters retired from service. Eventually they were retired one by one. Only one 1975 GM T6H-5307N remains, 8058 out of Malvern Division remains in revenue service and the second 1975 fishbowl to be painted into current standard TTC livery. Unfortunately 8051 broke down and was retired in April 2002. 8051 has not gone to the scrapper yet, but 8051 still remains on TTC property at the Hillcrest complex.


Model- General Motors T6H-5307N "Fishbowl"

Year- 1975

Fleet #s- 8010-8117

Length- 40ft 6 inches

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 21,380 lbs

Engine- GMC 6V71N

Transmission- GM VH-9 (2-speed)

Garages allocated to- Malvern

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