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2700-2858 (rebuilt from 8570-8729 series) GMDD T6H-5307N

1981-1982 ex-8570-8729 GM T6H-5307N

The TTC has in their fleet 159 of these model buses in their fleet, rebuilding of the buses has been completed. Following the rebuild program these series of buses received UWE (pronounced oo-vay) connectors in order for the storage of these buses in the outdoors rather than in a garage. Mississauga Transit has one garage that uses this system. When the buses park for the night they are connected to the system and this keeps the buses warm and the engines warm for easy starts in the morning. UWE seems to be used mostly more in the winter since it is colder then. Anyways two of the TTC's garages are equipped with the facilities to accommodate these buses, Birchmount and New Eglinton (Comstock) are the two garages that accommodate these buses along with other buses that are equipped with UWE. These buses will be permanently assigned to these two division once they get everything up and running.

The Rebuild Program

In 1996 the TTC started the fleet augmentation or rebuild program this is not to say that they did not do this in the past. They would take buses off the street at their retirement point and take them down to the TTC's Hillcrest complex. While at the complex they were structurally repaired and also had a mechanical rebuild. In Hillcrest there are two buildings one is the Duncan Shops where the buses would go into get their mechanical rebuild being their engines and transmissions. Buses would first go through the Harvey Shops where they would get a structural repair, repaint, electronics repair and body work. The rebuild program is divided into 6 year,12 year and 18 year rebuild programs. The 6 year being a minor rebuild to the 18 year program where extensive work goes on the rebuilding the whole bus to making it the equivalent of a brand new bus. The TTC has been successful in this program from the past and the present.






Model- General Motors T6H-5307N

Year- 19881-1982

Fleet #s- 2700-2858

Length- 40ft 6 inches

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 21,360 lbs

Engine- GMC 6V71N

Transmission- Allison V730

Garages allocated to- Birchmount, Eglinton, Malvern and Wilson

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