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6000-6122, 6130- 6204 Flyer Industries D901

1985 Flyer Industries D901

The TTC ordered 123 Flyer D901 model in 1984, these buses were similar to their 1981 D901 sisters. These buses came with a few first under the Flyer name. They were the first Flyer buses to be equipped with power steering. And were the first buses in the TTC fleet to be equipped with the American Seating model 6386 air ride operator seats.

1986 Flyer Industries D901

In 1986 TTC received 74 Flyer D901, these are the last buses delivered to the TTC under the Flyer name. As the 1985 model was similar to the 1981, this model is nearly similar to the 1985 model with an exception. This model was the first buses to be delivered with the Allison V731 ATEC transmissions. I consider these buses to be a bit faster than the previous model D901s.

Around 1998-1999 both these Flyer D901 models went in for their 12 year rebuild. They were repainted and had their engines and electrical components replaced or rebuilt. The TTC said that these were the most expensive buses to be rebuilt out of all their fleet.


Model- Flyer Industries D901

Year- 1985/1986

Fleet #s- 6000-6122/6130-6204

Length- 40ft

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 23,300 lbs/23,310lbs

Engine- GMC 6V71N

Transmission- Allison V730D/Allison V731

Garages allocated to- Arrow Rd, Malvern and Queensway

NOTE: Some units are already retiring.

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