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7300-7350 New Flyer Industries D40LF

New Flyer Industries D40LF

In 1998 one D40LF was delivered to the TTC to be tested on routes, this bus being 7300. 7300 was delivered to the TTC and ran under the Eglinton Division. Testing was done on rte 11 Bayview for months. After the testing was completed 7300 was sent back to the New Flyer plant as a prototype with a list of things the TTC have told them to build to their standards. In late 1998 the TTC took delivery of the D40LF buses, they were driven from the factory to the Eglinton garage where they would be based. Delivery was completed in 1999, by then operators of the Eglinton Division were trained to use these buses. As soon as they were delivered they were assigned plate numbers and had a few things installed and they were off into revenue service right away. One thing that you will notice is that this model is a semi low floor bus, the front portion of the bus is low floor and the rear portion of the bus is raised or is high floor. Air conditioning runs very well in these buses and a feature they have is that the air conditioner has a sensor to turn off the unit should a window be opened. The destination signs in these buses are highly visible at night due to the use of LED destination signs rather then the flip dots w/backlight, recently a D40LF (7350) was retrofitted with the new Luminator Horizon destination as a test for future orders, 7350 had the front and side destination sign retrofitted, the rear sign remains original. Wheelchair users can access these buses easily with the use of a ramp, there is two locations where wheelchair patrons can use.



Model- New Flyer Industries D40LF

Year- 1998-1999

Fleet #s- 7300-7350

Length- 40ft

Width-102 inches

Tare Weight- 28,360 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel Series 50

Transmission- Allison B400R

Garages allocated to- Eglinton

March 22, 2004 11:59 PM

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