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6440-6521 New Flyer Industries D40-89

New Flyer Industries D40-89

TTC received the delivery of 82 New Flyer D40-89s. This model as well is similar to it's D40-88 sisters. A noticeable difference is the different color window frames these buses have installed on them, they are black most likely the material or the metal is painted. Another difference is that these were the first New Flyer buses that came with tilt and telescopic steering wheels. Also two D40-89 buses were fitted with dual slide glide rear doors rather than the four fold out doors that are standard on most 40 foot high floor buses in the TTC fleet, presumably a test conduct by the Commission. These two buses were 6520 and 6521 which were equipped with Stone Bennett entrance and rear exit doors. These buses were among the first to enter the 6 year rebuild program and now are receiving the 12 year rebuild program. 6510 and 6514 were the first to go through the 12 year program. Prior to entering the rebuild program these buses had their taillights retrofitted from the old rectangular lights to the circular LED lamps that are brighter.



Model- New Flyer Industries D40-89

Year- 1989

Fleet #s- 6440-6521

Length- 40ft 6 inches

Width-102.3 inches

Tare Weight- 24,140 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel 6V71N

Transmission- Allison V731 ATEC

Garages allocated to- Queensway

March 22, 2004 11:58 PM

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