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6420-6434 New Flyer Industries D40-88

New Flyer Industries D40-88

Following the TTC's order of New Flyer D40-87s buses the TTC ordered 15 New Flyer D40-88 models. The difference between these two models is minimal, they both have the large silver/metal window frames. Differences are that the D40-88s have the third stop lamp which is mounted inside the bus at the bottom of the rear window. In the early years of the D40-88 they were equipped with the linen rollsigns as all buses were too equipped with rollsigns as well. The TTC used this fleet of buses to test out the new electronic destination signs. The signs used on these buses were the Luminator two screen single line. One screen which was a quarter of the window displayed the route numbers i.e. 45. The left side or the larger portion that took up three quarters of the window displayed the route name and destination i.e. KIPLING --> TO KIPLING STN. So basically the route name and number were displayed on different screens. These signs shortly were taken out and replaced with the now standard Luminator electric destination sign which displays the route name and number i.e. 45 KIPLING. These buses were also among the first to enter the state of good repair program or six, twelve and eighteen year rebuild program set out by the Chief General Manager then David Gunn. A few years ago these buses were used in the advertisement campaign of the Bell SoLo telephones and telephone cards and were sent to other divsions.


Model- New Flyer Industries D40-88

Year- 1988

Fleet #s- 6420-6434

Length- 40ft 6 inches

Width-102.3 inches

Tare Weight- 24,140 lbs

Engine- Detroit Diesel 6V71N

Transmission- Allison V731 ATEC

Garages allocated to- Queensway

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