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SIG/UTDC/Hawker Siddeley Canadian Light Rail Vehicle

1987-89 TTC SIG/UTDC/Hawker Siddeley CLRV


In August 1975 the TTC had approved to purchase 200 CLRVs. But TTC had ordered 10 prototypes from Swiss Industrial Company (SIG). The 10 prototypes were reduced to 6, to allow the production of two ALRV demonstrators. After these CLRVs were built they were tested in Europe at the OBB/UIC climate chamber in Vienna. While cars 001 (4001) and 002 (4002) were performing operational test on a private railway, they were later on tested in MU (Multiple Unit) operation. While testing in Europe these prototypes were equipped with standard gauge trucks. After all of this testing in Europe it was time to send Toronto's first batch of CLRVs to Toronto. On December 29,1977 the first (SIG) CLRV arrived in Toronto (Presumably 4000 or 4001). The last of the (SIG) CLRVs arrived in Toronto in July 13,1978. When these cars arrived in Toronto the trucks were converted to TTC gauge and had undergone performance and revenue service tests. These six cars 4000-4005 were used inaugural celebration to be introduced to the public on September 29,1979 in a procession to the Humber Loop where a Peter Witt car and a PCC car had led the six CLRV cars for inaugural ceremonies. And after the day of the ceremony CLRV service commenced on the 507 Long Branch route. CLRVs were introduced to these lines in:

Feb 29,1980 -- 511 Bathurst

Apr 16,1980 -- 512 St. Clair (Incl. Earlscourt)

Jun 9,1980 -- 503 Kingston Rd (Tripper)

Aug 7,1980 -- 502 Downtowner

Jan 4,1981 -- 501 Queen

Jul 20,1981 -- 504 King

Oct 23,1981 -- 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton

(Sources: TTC)

Of course not just the six (SIG) CLRVs provided service on these lines. The HSCL (Hawker Siddeley) were first delivered to Toronto on April 24,1979. The last batch of the 190 (HSCL) CLRVs 4199 was delivered on November 19,1982. 4199 was the last CLRV car to be accepted by the TTC being accepted on February 22,1983.

Note: SIG CLRVs 4000-4005 are classified as L1 cars

HSCL CLRVs 4010-4199 are classified L2 cars



Model-SIG/ UTDC/Hawker Siddeley Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (L1/L2)

Year- 1977-81

Fleet #s- 4000-4005(L1),4010-4199(L2)

Length- 50ft 8inches

Width-8ft 6 inches

Tare Weight- 50,000 lbs

Motor- Garrett w/chopper controls

Carhouse allocated to- Roncesvalles and Russell

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