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UTDC/Can Car Articulated Light Rail Vehicle

1987-89 TTC UTDC/Can Car ALRV

Articulated Streetcar (4200-4251)

In the meetings on February 7 and 21 1984 the Toronto Transit Commission approved the purchase and a contract for 52 ALRVs which were manufactured by UTDC (Urban Transit Development Corporation). 52 ALRVs were ordered to replace the remaining PCC fleet. The orders total cost was $1.369 million. There was also a option to build 11 more ALRV for SRT purposes but this option was dropped in July 1985. On June 11,1987 the first ALRV 4200 had arrived in Toronto at the Wychwood Carhouse. After it's delivery 4200 was displayed adjacent to City Hall for static display on June 15&16 to delegates attending the APTA annual conference and to the public. After returning to Wychwood Carhouse 4200 underwent tests until year end. On October 2 ALRV 4204 was delivered and also underwent tests. Deliveries were delayed because of that year, TTC only received 4 vehicles (4200,4203,4204,4205) of 21 expected actually had been received. And of these ALRVs 4204 was accepted by the TTC on December 18, 1987. After being prepared for revenue service 4204 was outshopped to Roncesvalles Division on January 10,1988 and following inaugural ceremonies at Humber Loop, entered service on rte 507 Long Branch on the afternoon of January 19. After further deliveries revenue service commenced on rte 511 Bathurst on July 17,1988 and on rte 501 Queen on January 23,1989. Shipments of ALRVs were completed in July, 1989 and the last cars were accepted in August.


- Propulsion system from Brush Electrical Machines

(Same supplier on the H6 subway cars)

- Foot operated main controls

( As on CLRVs but not on 4900)

- Twin "Chopper" units, independently isolatable

- Separate propulsion blowers (4) for each "chopper", and motor, car section.

- M.A.N inside frame trucks (As on H6 subway cars)

- M.A.N articulation joints

- Relocated and enlarged roof vent units

- Front and rear safety skirts.




Model- UTDC/Can Car Articulated Light Rail Vehicle (L3)

Year- 1987-89

Fleet #s- 4200-4251

Length- 76ft

Width-8ft 6 inches

Tare Weight- 81,000 lbs

Motor- Brush Twin w/chopper controls

Carhouse allocated to- Roncesvalles and Russell

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