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Réseau de Transport de Longueuil (Longueuil, Quebec)

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1989 Van Hool AG700

C-8920 on layover at terminus Longueuil.

1990 MCI TC40102N
9052 crossing the intersection of Rue de L'inspecteur and Rue Notre Dame Ouest on its way to Terminus Centre-Ville.
1995 Novabus TC40102N
9515 deadheading from Terminus Centre-Ville on Rue St-Jacques.
RTL 9524 parked in the layover area at Terminus Longueuil after completing a run on route 19.
1996 Novabus LFS
A friendly RTL driver gave me a wave while he was deadheading to the garage, photo taken on Rue St-Jacques.
2002 Novabus LFS
This time we get a thumbs up from the driver of C2-0214 as he deadheads to the garage.
2-0216 parked in a layover spot at Terminus Longueuil.
2003 Novabus LFS
2-0310 pulling into terminus to drop off some passengers.
20317 entering Terminus Longueuil.
2003 Van Hool AG300

A photo of 20103 on layover at Terminus Panama prior to starting a northbound trip to downtown Montreal on route


C2-0115 on Rue St-Jacques.
2006 Van Hool AG300
20604 head to Terminus Panama on the route 45.

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