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Regina Transit (Regina, Saskatchewan)

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1977 GMDD T6H-5307N
501 stops in front of Sherwood Mall on Rochdale Boulevard while operating on the 16 Rochdale.
505 at 11th Avenue and Hamilton Street in downtown Regina.

506 makes a stop at the Cornwall Centre in downtown Regina, 506 was operating on route 3 Sherwood Estates at the time of

the photo. (Photo by Trevor Harris)

1979 GMDD T6H-5307N
516 on layover on 12th Avenue at the Victoria Park downtown transfer point.
1980 GMDD T6H-5307N
521 at the Victoria Park transfer point.

522 is sandwhiched between an MCI Classic and and a Novabus LFS, 522 was operating on route 8

Eastview. (Photo by Trevor Harris)

1985 GMDD TC40102N
544 at 12th Avenue and Scarth Street.
1987 MCI TC40102N
548 in old livery at the Victoria Park downtown transfer point on 12th Avenue.
1989 MCI TC40102N

554 on layover in downtown Regina while on the 5 Uplands route. (Photo by Trevor Harris)

1992 MCI TC40102N


585 is the last MCI Classic purchased by Regina Transit, it is seen here on layover while operating on the 9

Albert Park route.. (Photo by Trevor Harris)


1997 New Flyer Industries D40LF

587 at 12th Avenue and Scarth Street,, note the wrap ad it carries for the TCU Financial Group.

2005 Novabus LFS
605 on 11th Avenue.
610 on 12th Avenue approaching the Victoria Park transfer point.

Old meets new, 605 [2005 Novabus LFS] passes 556 [1989 MCI Classic]. (Photo by Trevor Harris)

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