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OC Transpo (Ottawa, Ontario)

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1977 GMDD T6H-5307N
7735 in old livery running through downtown Ottawa. (Photo by Mikey Li)
1981 GMDD T6H-5307N
8106 at Hurdman Transitway Station.
8115 still sporting the old OC Transpo livery was photographed at Elgin and Slater.
1979 GMDD T6H-5307N
Ottawa's fishbowls in new livery look very good, take a look at 7905 which sports the new "Maple Leaf" livery. (Photo by Mikey Li)
1986 Orion 03.501
8627 passes through Hurdman Transitway Station while operating on rte 95. (Photo by Mikey Li)
1987 GM TC40102N
8796 heads towards Lincoln Fields from downtown, this photo was taken at Wellington and Sussex.


1987 MCI TC40102N

At the time of this photo 8922 was still sporting it's old livery, OC Transpo is in the process of repainting their fleet into the

"Maple Leaf" livery.

8929 laying over at the Hurdman Transitway station, prior to starting a run on rte 3 to Nepean.
1991 MCI TC40102N
9117 with the Maple Leaf scheme passes by on Bank St on it's way to South Keys Transitway station.
1990 New Flyer Industries D40
9006 passes through Hurdman while deadheading to a location to start a PM rush hour run.
9031 running through Hurdman not in service, notice it still sports a roll sign.
9049 passes by Albert and Metcalfe while operating on an express route to Nepean.
1992 New Flyer Industries D40
9219 awaits servicing at the St. Laurent garage.
1993 Novabus TC40102N

9301 passes by the Bay Transitway stop along Albert Street, 9301 was operating on an express route at the time this

photo was taken.

9312 was on an rural express run at the time of the photo, notice the $5 farecard in the windshield.
9323 entering Hurdman Station, note the front cap has been repainted while it still sports the old livery.
9330 picks up passengers on Bank St on a snowy January morning.
1997 NovaBUS LFS
The driver of 9739 poses his buses for a photo. (Photo by Mikey Li)
1998 Orion 05.501
9819 crawls through the intersection of Wellington and Sussex due to road construction.
9858 passes through the intersection of Elgin and Slater.

9864 at Hurdman Transitway Station. (Photo by Mikey Li)

1999 Orion 06.501
4002 layover at the Greenboro Transitway station on a snowy January morning.
4053 running out of service on Albert St at Metcalfe.
4108 on rte 176. (Photo by Mikey Li)
2002-03 New Flyer Industries D60LF
6055 looks like a D30LF with it's trailer out of the photo, this photo of 6055 was taken at Hurdman Station.
6169 on Bank Street.
6170 at Ottawa International Airport prior to starting at run on the 97 to downtown Ottawa.
2004 New Flyer Industries D60LF
One of OC Transpo's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel articulated buses, 6328 pauses prior to entering Hurdman Station.
6342 departing the Bay St stop along Albert St in downtown Ottawa.
2004-2005 New Flyer Industries D40i
4290 departs from the Hurdman Transitway station on route 128.
4292 awaits servicing at the St. Laurent garage.
2005-06 New Flyer Industries D40i
4311 leaving Hurdman Transitway Station headed to Stittsville.
4331 departs on route 7 from the Rideau Centre transit stop on Wellington Street.
4339 en route to Carleton University on Bank St in downtown Ottawa.
4408 enters Hurdman to start an afternoon run on the 129.
4424 turning into Hurdman.
Bombardier Talent BR643 "O-Train"

O-Train "OC1" pulling into Bayview Station, you may notice these units are not powered by electricity but rather diesel


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