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Oakville Transit (Oakville, Ontario)

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1985 Orion Bus Industries 01.508

Old meets new, 8134 is alongside 4101 on Station Rd on its last day of service

with Oakville Transit. 4101 was operating on rte 13 West Oak Trails.

1984 Orion Bus Industries 01.508
The first built 40ft Orion 01.508 is seen here on standby duty at Hopedale Mall, it has since been retired from service.
1985 Orion Bus Industries 01.508

Oakville Transit 8540 on standy by at Oakville GO Station.

A look at the rear, complete with a shinny new exhaust pipe extension.

1989 New Flyer Industries D40

A recently refurbished 897 leaving Oakville GO on rte 15 Bridge, 897 is one of the few D40's that don't have air conditioning

retrofitted into it after refurbishing.

1990 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

One of Oakville Transit's movies buses is seen here on rte 15 Bridge, Oakville 903 is decked out in

CTA/WMATA livery.

1992 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

At the time of the photo 921 just recently returned from refurbishing, it almost looked like it came from the factory. Photo was

taken at Oakville GO Station.

1995 New Flyer Industries D40LF (Ex-Owen Sound Transit)
Another recent refurb 951 is seen here at Oakville GO Station, prior to refurb these buses looked pretty rough.
1999 Orion Bus Industries 06.501

Oakville 9907 on layover at the downtown Burlington bus terminal, a 2002 Hamilton Street Railway C40LF is right behind


Oakville 9911 carries an ad wrap for its local mall Oakville Place which recently

finished off a expansion. project

2004 Orion Bus Industries 07.501

Oakville 4101 is on layover at Oakville GO Station prior to entering service on rte 15 Bridge, notice the

destination sign is flashing a p/r message.

The rear of a Oakville Transit Orion 07.501
A view of 4104 prior to starting a run to Mississauga on route 24 South Common Mall.
4104 was photographed later in the day at Hopedale Mall while on rte 14 Lakeshore West.
2005 Blue Bird Ultra LF
5102 leaves the Hopedale Mall terminal enroute to Bronte GO Station while operating on rte 12.

December 25, 2005 10:12 PM

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