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Mississauga Transit (Mississauga, Ontario)

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1988 Orion Bus Industries 01.508
8825 departs Meadowvale Town Centre for a southbound trip on route 9 Streetsville.
1989 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
8902 sits out of service at the City Centre Transit Terminal.
1990 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
9014 on layover at the Clarkson GO Station, 9014 was operating on route 37 at the time.
1991 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

Caught in the loop traffic at Long Branch loop in Toronto, 9116 was going to start a run on

rte 5A Dixie.

9138 at Meadowvale Town Centre prior to starting a run on rte 27 to Islington Subway in Toronto.
1992 Orion Bus Industries 05.501

9202 at South Common Mall after completing a westbound run on the 81 Dundas Express, note this series of Orion V's

were previously powered by Compress Natural Gas.

1993 New Flyer Industries D60

During the D60's last days a common route to find these buses was on rte 1C, 9369 was operating on rte 1C at

the time of this photo. This photo was taken at South Common Mall.

1997 New Flyer Industries D60LF

9758 sports an all over advertisement for Tridel condominiums, photos

taken at Islington Subway Stn in Toronto.

Rear view of 9758 at South Common Mall.
9768 on standby at the Westwood Mall terminal during the day of the Caribana Parade.

9770 heads eastbound on Dundas at Hurontario, they recently repogrammed their destination signs. 1E is not an express but rather

means 1 East.

1998 Orion Bus Industries 06.501
9803 pulls into Clarkson GO.

Photographed at South Common Mall, 9812 picks up passengers while running on rte 48.

Note 9812 is seen with a TwinVision destination sign, this was a test.

9814 at the City Centre Terminal.

2001 New Flyer Industries D60LF

0151 stops by the City Centre Transit terminal while running south on rte 19 Hurontario, 0151 also

carries a full body ad for Mississauga BMW.

0152 on layover at South Common Mall prior to starting a run on rte 26 to Islington Subway.
0154 picks up passengers heading east at the South Common Centre.

Sitting on Rathburn Rd outside the City Centre terminal, 0156 is on layover after having returned from

Canada's Wonderland (on seasonal route to/from Mississauga).

2001 Orion Bus Industries 07.501

0105 sports an all over advertisement which supports their local hockey team the Mississauga Ice Dogs.
0113 at the City Centre Terminal.
2003 New Flyer Industries D40LF

One of Mississauga Transit's newest model in the fleet is on layover at the City Centre Terminal prior to starting

a run.

0306 on the 31 Folkway, note that this bus has been retrofitted with the 3M Opticom transit priority signal system. The black box and

the two transducer domes at the top of the bus are the equipment needed for the transit priority signals in Mississauga.

0326 heads for the bus bays within Islington Subway Station after dropping off its passengers at the

pedestrian entrance on Islington Ave in Toronto.

2005 New Flyer Industries D40LF

One of the newest additions to the Mississauga Transit fleet is seen here at the South Common Mall terminal, 0512

during layover on rte 31.

0566 finishes its southbound run on route 68 and prepares to due a northbound trip, this photo was taken at the City Centre


2006 New Flyer Industries D40LFR
0638 a the South Common Centre, 0638 was being used a driver shuttle at the time of the photo.

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