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London Transit Commission (London, Ontario)

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GMDD TC40102N (Ex-STQUC, Quebec City)
LTC 281 picks up some passengers in downtown London, the photo was taken at Dundas and Richmond.
1983 GMDD TC40102N

LTC 157 sits out in the back of the London Transit Commission garage, it is retired.

1986 GMDD TC40102N
180 ready to depart from Argyle Mall while operating on rte 2 Dundas.
182 is on layover at the University of Western Ontario, UWO is a terminus for the rte 2B Dundas.
1990 MCI TC40102N
LTC 244 turns into the bus bay area at the Argyle Mall.
2002 New Flyer Industries D40i
LTC 417 on layover on Elgin Dr at the University of Western Ontario.
LTC 435 disembarking passengers at the Argyle Mall terminal.
2003 New Flyer Industries D60LF
601 is one of the three articulated buses in London Transit's fleet, this photograph was taken at Clarke Rd and Whitney St.
2004 New Flyer Industries D40LF
One of the newest additions to the LTC fleet, 456 was photographed at the Masonville Mall.
A time exposure shot of 458 at Dundas and Richmond.
2005 New Flyer Industries D40LF

473 one of London Transit's newest buses is seen here laying over at the Argyle Mall on a cold December



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