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Hamilton Street Railway (Hamilton, Ontario)

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1982 GMDD TA60102N
The interior of a GM articulated bus with a view from the rear.

518206 on layover at Hamilton GO Centre prior to starting a run on rte 51 University.

A look at the rear of a GM artic, during the rebuild the bus received new tailamps (two which were taken from

retired GM Classics)

1986 GM TC40102N
8613 is seen operating on King St, these are one of the oldest buses in their fleet.
1992 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
9209 enroute to McMaster University, photo was taken on King St at Paisley St.
1999 Orion Bus Industries 06.501
9907 at Eastgate Square prior to starting a run on rte 55A to Stoney Creek.
9915 turning onto James St after departing Gore Park.
9917 on layover in Stoney Creek at Jones Rd outside the Stoney Creek City Hall.
1997 Novabus LFS
9705 on John St during a layover in Burlington at the terminus of rte 11.
9714 was on training duties when this photograph was taken, the photograph was taken at Eastgate Square.
1996 New Flyer Industries C40LF
9612 leaving Gore Park and heading back up the mountain
9614 on layover in Gore Park, prior to starting a run up the mountain on rte 35 College.
1998 New Flyer Industries C40LF

A downtown bound rte 34 bus changes lanes on Main St to make a left to loop around, this photo of 9804 was taken

at Main St and Hughson.

9806 picks up passengers at King/James before heading up the mountain, the bus was operating on

rte 34A Upper Paradise.

2002 New Flyer Industries C40LF
HSR 510214 on layover at Gore Park in downtown Hamilton.
2002 New Flyer Industries C40LF
HSR 510312 makes a left on King St from John St in downtown Hamilton.
510320 passes by Jackson Square at King and James Streets.
2004 New Flyer Industries D40LF
510410 on layover in Gore Park in downtown Hamilton.
2005 New Flyer Industries D40LF

One of HSR's newest, 510508 enters the downtown bus terminal on John St to end one leg of its trip along the

route 11 Parkdale.


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