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Grand River Transit (Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)

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1986 Orion 01.508 (Leased from Mississauga Transit)

GRT 8608 which was leased temporarily from Mississauga Transit was photographed on standby near

the Kitchener Transit Terminal parked in a lot along Joseph Street.

Another view of 8608 with GRT logos and stickering show along the side of the bus.

1988 Motor Coach Industries TC40102N (Classic)

MCI Classic 8805 on layover at the Kitchener Transit Terminal.

1989 Motor Coach Industries TC40102N (Classic)
John Braniff captured GRT 520 with GRT 524 right behind it while they were on layover.
Passing through the University of Waterloo on Ring Road, 8903 was running on rte 101 Express.
1989 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
GRT 8911 departs the downtown Kitchener bus terminal, 8911 was operating on route 18. Photo by John Braniff.
1990 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
9007 ready for a run to Kitchener from the Conestoga Mall. Photo by John Braniff.
1991 Motor Coach Industries TC40102N (Classic)
A closer look at GRT 524 which was running on rte 61 at the time of the photo. Photo by John Braniff.
1992 New Flyer Industries D40LF
In GRT's livery the first bus of the first generation D40LF's was photographed at the Kitchener Transit Terminal.
A rear view of 9200.
1994 New Flyer Industries D40LF
9420 is ready to depart on a run on rte 10 to Conestoga College from Fairview Mall.
1994 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
527 on layover at the Ainsle St terminal in Cambridge.
1996 New Flyer Industries C40LF
GRT 9617 on standby at the Kitchener Transit Terminal.
9622 is parked and ready to enter service at the GRT Kitchener-Waterloo garage.
1998 Orion Bus Industries 06.501

This Orion VI (534) is posed for a photo at the Ainsle St terminal while on layover prior

to starting a run on rte 57 Blair.

2002 New Flyer Industries D40LF
2201 is seen here posed for a picture at Fairview Mall.
A rear view of 2201.
A more recent photo of 2201 taken on May 1, 2004 at the Kitchener Transit Terminal.
2204 carries at Region of Waterloo wrap, this is a view of the front.
And a view of the Region of Waterloo wrap at the rear.
2003 Orion Bus Industries 07.501
2300 is parked at the GRT garage in Kitchener and awaiting to enter service.

A different scene from the picture above, this time around 2308 is in service and is not in Kitchener

but rather operating in Cambridge.

2320 on layover at the Kitchener Transit Terminal, running on rte 7F.
2326 which was a standby bus at the time carried an all over advertisement for Jiffy Lube.
2004 Novabus LFS

2412 and 2413 were one of the first two LFS's to be done up in the iXpress livery. Photo by John Braniff
2421 is seen here posed for this shot at the downtown Kitchener bus terminal.
2430 on layover at the downtown Kitchener bus terminal.

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