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GO Transit (Toronto, Ontario)

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Motor Coach Industries 102A2

The first 102A2 of 70 was photographed at the Union Station GO bus terminal in downtown


1438 picks up commuters at York University, note 1438 sports an advertisement on its side. This

Monsters.ca ad was one of many that were installed onto other buses as well.

Motor Coach Industries D4500
GO 2141 passes by on Rathburn Rd to make a stop at Square One prior to coninuing to Oakville GO Station.

GO D4500 2186 is on layover prior to starting a run on the Stouffville line to Uxbridge.

2004 Motor Coach Industries D4500

A view of the front and rear of one of GO Transit's newest additions into the bus fleet, these buses feature

a different powertrain than the rest of the D4500 fleet and also have two extra lights along the doorside and the

rear of the bus. GO 2228 was photographed at York University.

GO 2248 gets ready to depart the Union Stn Bus Terminal, the bus at the time was assigned

to the Hamilton Express via the Queen Elizabeth Way.

2005 Motor Coach Industries D4500

A rare visitor to the eastern corridor, 2274 makes a rare appearance in Scarborough Town Centre. 2274 was

operating along the Hwy 407 East route at the time of this photo.

2280 has departed the York Region Terminal and is on its way to Newmarket as an express at the time this photo was

taken, nowadays the Viva Blue service has taken over the Newmarket Express via Yonge service.

2006 Motor Coach Industries D4500
2309 pulling into Unionville Go Station.
2007 Motor Coach Industries D4500

A look at the doorside and driverside of 2333 as it pulls into the York Region Terminal, completing a westbound trip

on the 95 Highway 2 Express route.

2345 departing the Scarborough Town Centre bus terminal.
2350 on layover at York University.
2000 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 Suburban

2007 is one of GO Transit's first order of Orion 05.501 suburbans, this batch carries the Pocatec destination


2002 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 Suburban

The Orion 05.501 suburbans are a common sight on the Newmarket B route, 2011 is one of the

2nd batch of V buses operating on the route.

2004 Orion Bus Industries 05.501 Suburban

2019 seems a bit out of place at the Bramalea Transit terminal, usually GO Transit uses larger coaches on this

route. Nonetheless it makes for an interesting photo.

Brand new 2022 in it's second week of service on the Oshawa Corridor, 2022 stopped

by Scarborough Town Centre enroute to Oshawa.

View of the roof of 2022, notice the unusual fleet number along the roof.

This is a first for buses in the Greater Toronto Area, this concept is common in the United States.

1999 Prevost LeMirage XL

1604 is one of GO Transit's recently refurbished LeMirage XL's. As one may see when the Prevost's are refurbished

they are given the two extra tailights at the rear, Luminator Horizon destination signs and the large fleet number

on the ceiling of the bus.

1607 waits to be refuelled at the newly constructed Brampton GO bus storage facility adjacent to the

Bramalea GO Stn.

1608 is also a refurbished unit although difficult to tell when the bus is off, this photo was taken at Mount Joy

GO Station.

Other Photos

A comparison between the rear configurations between a D4500 (2251) and a D4500CT (2339), photo taken at the

Scarborough Town Centre terminal.


GO Transit Cab Car 225 is seen leaving Union Stn from track 3, this train consist is headed

east toward Oshawa.

Cab Car 237 was placed on display at the 2005 GO Family day event at Unionville GO Station.
GO Transit Cab Car 241 leads a train into Rouge Hill GO Station.

GO Transit 537 (GM F59PH-II)leads a six car consist through Scarborough alongside the Scarborough RT line,

this train is headed to Stouffville.

Also placed on display at the 2005 GO Family Day event and at the opposite end of 237 is GO Transit 556.

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