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Greyhound Lines of Canada

NOTE: [Quicklink] represents photographs of Greyhound Lines of Canada buses marked for "Quicklink" service. Quicklink

service is a commuter service provided by Greyhound Lines of Canada to/from municipalities outside the Greater Toronto

Area, similar services exist within Greyhound Lines Incorporated in the U.S.A.

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1989 Motor Coach Industries 102C3
852 is parked on Edward St and is awaiting to start a run.
864 on layover on Elm St south of the Hospital For Sick Children.
1989 Motor Coach Industries MC-9 Special

872 parked on Edward St.

1990 Motor Coach Industries MC-9 Special

After completing a run to Toronto, 892 is seen here turning the corner at Elm and Yonge Streets on its way to the

maintenance facility.

908 waits for it's next assignment in Peterborough.
1991-92 Motor Coach Industries 102B3 (Ex-Grey Coach Lines)

2552 parked on Chestnut St, note this bus was formerly owned by Grey Coach.

1995 Motor Coach Industries 102D3
973 waits out on Edward St to begin a run down to London.

Greyhound 974 is parked outside the Toronto Coach Terminal which would be north of the location (Elizabeth St)

where 974 was parked at the time.

1997 Prevost H3-45

1010 parked out on Elm St outside the Hospital for Sick Kids.

1998 Motor Coach Industries 102DL3

Greyhound Canada has introduced the Ontario ad wrap to its fleet, the recent addition is a wrap on

1036. 1036 was parked on Elizabeth St when this photo was taken.

1999 Motor Coach Industries D4500
[Quicklink] Greyhound Quicklink L6135 rests on Edward St prior to starting a "Quicklink" commuter run.
1999 Prevost H3-45 (Ex-Hotard Coach Lines)
[Quicklink] 1259 departs the Station Centrale in downtown Montreal headed for Ottawa.
2000 Motor Coach Industries 102DL3 (Ex-Greyhound USA)
L6430 is one of the few 102DL3 buses Greyhound Canada acquired from Greyhound USA.
[Quicklink] L6432 parked on Edward St and lettered for "Quicklink" commuter service.

[Quicklink] L6435 makes a left onto Front St from Bay St, this bus was out of service and was headed to

the Toronto garage for servicing.

2001 Motor Coach Industries D4500
1140 parked on Elm St.
1165 runs north on University Ave and is headed for the Toronto Coach Terminal.
2006 Motor Coach Industries D4505
Greyhound 1268 makes a left onto University Avenue from Elm Street in downtown Toronto.

One of Greyhound Canada's newest addition 1288 a MCI D4505 was photographed on layover on Edward St across the

Toronto Coach Terminal.

Motor Coach Industries D4500 (Ex-Classic Coach)

1307 departs the Scarborough Town Centre bus terminal enroute to the Toronto Downtown Bus Terminal, this bus was

purchased from Classic Coach (In Bohemia, New York) along with a few other units. When they arrived they sported their

Classic Coach colours.


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