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Canadian American Transportation Systems (Rochester, New York/Toronto, Ontario)

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Inaugural first trip (6/17/04)

(i) At 5:07PM the Spirit of Ontario appears on the horizon as it rounds Vicki Keith


(ii) The William Lyon Mackenzie fireboat is out in the main harbour channel with all

water canons activated to greet the Spirit of Ontario.

(iii) The Spirit of Ontario in a closer view as it prepares to dock.

(iv) Closing in on the ferry terminal with the Toronto skyline in the background.

(v) At last the Spirit of Ontario docks in Toronto marking the end of the first

leg of it's first revenue trip, the second leg would take place later in the evening.

View from the Toronto Islands 6/22/04

(i) Spirit of Ontario seen on a sunny after passing through the Eastern Channel

as it prepares to dock.

(ii) Rear view of the catamaran as the disembarking of the passengers begins.


July 6, 2005 10:13 PM

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