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Calgary Transit (Calgary, Alberta)

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1978 GMDD T6H-5307N
951 makes the left from Edmonton Trail to 32 Avenue.
1980 GMDD T6H-5307N
1071 diverting south down 1st Street NW due to construction on Centre Street N.
1074 departs the Silver Springs Garage to enter service for the PM peak.
1991 Motor Coach Industries TC-40102N
5002 returning to the Silver Springs Garage after morning peak service, photo taken at Edmonton Trail and 32 Avenue.
5039 departs the bus terminal at the Anderson C-Train Station.
1992 New Flyer Industries D40
7006 deadheading along Edmonton Trail to the garage.

1993 New Flyer Industries D40LF

7536 leaving Silver Springs Garage.
1996 New Flyer Industries D40LF
7619 completes its detour around the construction on Centre Street North and turns off of 15 Avenue NW.
2006 New Flyer Industries D40LF
7938 heading north on Centre Street away from the downtown core.
2007 New Flyer Industries D40LF
7989 diverts onto 15 Avenue NW because of construction between 15 Avenue NW and 16 Avenue NW.
Other Photographs
7744 and 7525 meet up on 15 Street NW.
December 31, 2007 0:32 AM

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