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Brampton Transit (Brampton, Ontario)

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1982 GMDD T6H-5307N
8276 on layover at Bramalea GO Station.
1987 Motor Coach Industries TC40102N
8790 waits for commuters to arrive at the Bramalea GO Station.
1990 Orion Bus Industries 01.508

On a brief layover prior to a start of a long route, Brampton Transit 9025 is seen at the

York Region Terminal.

A rear view of Brampton Transit 9025.

1999 Orion Bus Industries 05.501
9968 starts its westbound run to Brampton, photo taken at the York Region Terminal.

9971 at Westwood Mall in Mississauga picking up passengers heading up to Bramalea,

this unit was a test unit for the Luminator Horizon destination signs.

1998 Orion Bus Industries 06.501
9847 departs the Bramalea bus terminal, note 9847 sports an all over advertisement for Bramalea Toyota.
2002 New Flyer Industries D40LF
0211 on layover at the Bramalea Transit Terminal.
2003 New Flyer Industries D40LF

Brampton 0317 at the Bramalea City Centre terminal ready to start a southbound run on rte 18

Dixie Rd.

2006 Novabus LFS

A brand new 0604 makes a stop at the Bramalea City Centre with the destination sign reading "Welcome Aboard", these are

Brampton Transit's newest addition to their fleet and they also sport their new livery.

0606 with support for the local hockey league team, this photo was taken at the Shoppers World terminal.

0610 at the Bramalea City Centre.

A line of three buses parked in the layover area at the Bramalea Transit Terminal.

8277-1982 GMDD T6H-5307N

8899-1988 Orion Bus Industries 01.508

8909-1989 Orion Bus Industries 01.508


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